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Date Presented:
February 22, 2013 8:55 AM Eastern
Seminar Location:
Sheraton Four Seasons
Greensboro, NC
6 hours, 40 minutes
Special Needs Trusts vs. Pooled Special Needs Trusts

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Caitlin Gavoni   [ view bio ]
Billed v. Paid: How to Force Hospitals to File Health Claims
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Christopher R. Nichols   [ view bio ]
Liability Settlements and Future Medicals
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John Cattie Jr.   [ view bio ]
ERISA Plan Reimbursement: Now What?
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Jerome P. Trehy Jr.   [ view bio ]
Local Government Cost-Plus Plans: Claims of Subrogation/Reimbursement

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Eric P. Haase   [ view bio ]
Negotiating With Medical Providers

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Donald Bardes   [ view bio ]
Minor Settlements/Structured Settlements

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Adam A. Foggia   [ view bio ]
Protecting Needs Based Programs

Medicare Procedures: Requesting a Compromise
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Jennifer Seate   [ view bio ]
Wrongful Death Settlements
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Robert A. "Dre" Fleury Jr.   [ view bio ]
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